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Limousin Chateau

Rare fortified castle with 165 hectares of land and wood
Location: Limoges
Haute-Vienne, Limousin
From the tops of its crenellated towers to the base of its fortified walls, this property has history, tradition and rom ...
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Price: € 16,800,000
Beds: 16 Baths: 12
Land: 1650000(m²)
Ref: 005005
Provence Chateau

Upper class property with private beach
Location: Toulon
Var, Provence
In the department of the Var, 20 minutes away from Saint Tropez, 50 minutes from Cannes and an hour from Nice Internatio ...
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Price: € 15,750,000
Beds: 6 Baths: 0
Land: 2700(m²)
Ref: AF17436
Provence Chateau

Castle from the 17th century
Location: Avignon
Vaucluse, Provence
Rare and exceptional! Built in 1612, one of the most beautiful historical property of Provence, situated in the heart of ...
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Price: € 12,000,000
Beds: 20 Baths: 20
Land: 87000(m²)
Ref: CAP 5775
Poitou - Charentes Chateau

Upscale Hotel in a castle
Location: Rochelle
Charente-Maritime, Poitou - Charentes
Facing île de Ré, close to the historic centre of La Rochelle, this sumptuous castle, transformed into a cosy hotel, fea ...
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Price: € 8,000,000
Beds: 20 Baths: 0
Land: 45093(m²)
Ref: AF15945
Provence Chateau

Not far from the imposing landscapes of the Gorges the Verdon
Location: Draguignan
Var, Provence
Situated in the Var, not far from the imposing landscapes of the Gorges the Verdon and the vast Lake Sainte-Croix, bare ...
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Price: € 7,900,000
Beds: 15 Baths: 12
Land: 1600000(m²)
Ref: PP 790
Provence Chateau

Nearby Antibes street, centre of Cannes
Location: Cannes
Alpes-Maritimes, Provence
Unique and exceptional! This 19th century 450 m² Art Gallery is situated near the "rue d'Antibes" and has been entirely ...
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Price: € 7,000,000
Beds: 5 Baths: 0
Land: 1150(m²)
Ref: IC 427-630
Provence Chateau

*** Good value for money *** Aix en Provence Impressive
Location: Aix-en-provence
Bouches-du-Rhone, Provence
This imposing Château dating from 1704 is located on the outskirts of a village in Provence, South of France, with all a ...
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Price: € 7,000,000
Beds: 37 Baths: 0
Land: 240000(m²)
Ref: AB-1169
Languedoc - Roussillon Chateau

Magnificent 18thC Mansion House and outbuildings renovated to ver
Location: Nimes
Gard, Languedoc - Roussillon
This ancient agricultural property from the 18th Century with a majestic mansion House and various old buildings has all ...
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Price: € 7,000,000
Beds: 15 Baths: 0
Land: 25000(m²)
Ref: AB-1174
Languedoc - Roussillon Chateau

Montpellier 12th Medieval Castle, 64ha with park 'à la fr
Location: Montpellier
Herault, Languedoc - Roussillon
This exceptional Château is situated in the greater Montpellier area, in one of the most beautiful and naturally preserv ...
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Price: € 6,700,000
Beds: 31 Baths: 0
Land: 640000(m²)
Ref: AB-1927
Provence Chateau

*** Reduced Price *** Arles Splendid Château with park,
Location: Arles
Bouches-du-Rhone, Provence
The 17th Century Château is situated in the middle of a vast tract of agricultural land totalling 100 hectares (220 acre ...
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Price: € 5,950,000
Beds: 18 Baths: 0
Land: 1000000(m²)
Ref: AB-1037

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