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Midi-Pyrenees Chateau

Location: La Fouillade
Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees
In a medieval village, 13th century Castle, reshaped from the 18th century and renovated since 5 years by an antique dea ...
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Price: € 994,000
Beds: 5 Baths: 5
Land: 1588(m)
Ref: JSV4400MM
Languedoc - Roussillon Chateau

Location: Lozere
Lozere, Languedoc - Roussillon
This 19th century hotel is situated at the heart of a picturesque small town in the Lozere. This comfortable hotel also ...
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Price: € 794,000
Beds: 10 Baths: 7
Land: 10000(m)
Ref: JSV8487LZ
Midi-Pyrenees Chateau

Location: Aveyron
Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees
On the edge of a river, in large wilde valley in the Sgala in Aveyron you will find this castle of the 15th century. Ne ...
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Price: € 958,000
Beds: 14 Baths: 12
Land: 460000(m)
Ref: JSV5263NC
Midi-Pyrenees Chateau

Location: Sud Aveyron
Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees
Castle in South of Aveyron built in 1564 with 6 Ha of park and meadows bordering by a river. It has kept all its origina ...
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Price: € 990,000
Beds: 9 Baths: 8
Land: 60000(m)
Ref: JSV9233SG
Midi-Pyrenees Chateau

Location: Montauban
Tarn-et-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees
1 hour from Toulouse and 15 minutes from Montauban, this beautiful 7 bedroom 15th century maison de charme sits in a tra ...
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Price: € 995,000
Beds: 7 Baths: 5
Land: 19000(m)
Ref: JSV10004TG
Midi-Pyrenees Chateau

Location: Aveyron
Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees
Near from a village with all amenities, you will find the castel without any work. 570 M of living area. On a parc plan ...
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Price: € 894,000
Beds: 8 Baths: 3
Land: 16474(m)
Ref: JSV7262NC
Midi-Pyrenees Chateau

Location: Causse Comtal
Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees
On the Causse Comtal at only 20 min from Rodez, you will find this 16th century castle to modernise, on its enclosed 3 H ...
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Price: € 539,000
Beds: 20 Baths: 0
Land: 30000(m)
Ref: JSV4134NC
Midi-Pyrenees Chateau

Location: Estaing
Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees
On the way of St Jacques de Compostelle, manor totaly restored and set up as a charming hotel and restaurant. With a liv ...
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Price: € 897,000
Beds: 14 Baths: 13
Land: 1375(m)
Ref: JSV7359EN
Midi-Pyrenees Chateau

Location: Vallee Du Lot
Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees
In the heart of a village near the Lot Valley, castle of the 19th century. More than 600 m of living area on a closed p ...
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Price: € 688,000
Beds: 9 Baths: 7
Land: 10850(m)
Ref: JSV9431NC
Midi-Pyrenees Chateau

Location: Cahors
Lot, Midi-Pyrenees
Beautiful castle of the XIIIth century, nicely restored. 270 m of living area on a plot of land of 1200 m. Courtyards ...
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Price: € 555,000
Beds: 6 Baths: 2
Land: 1200(m)
Ref: JSV8954CH

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